Market Studies in the Biomass Energy Sector

Market Studies
 o target markets and commonly used applications
 o competitors and their products
 o current market size
 o market potential by sector
 o market drivers & incentives
 o market barriers
 o regional hot spots
 o regional and national government support
 o regional codes & standards
 o key factors for a market entry
 o decision making process in target sectors
 o sales channels & distribution models
 o typical market prices and margins
 o product liability / tort law
Market Entry & Distribution Strategies
North American Biomass Boiler Market
market potential by sector
market barriers to biomass boilers in Canada
codes & regulations applicable to biomass boilers in Canada
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 Technical &
   -Fuel Resource Studies
   -Energy Demand Studies
   -Market Studies
   -Equipment Suppliers
   -Cost Estimates
   -Funding Applications
   -Emission Permits
 Project Development
Up-to date information on the market for biomass energy technology is a must for any investment. Prior to becoming a consulting firm CBER has operated as a vendor for European biomass boilers.
We are familiar with the market for biomass-to-energy equipment and can provide you with critical information that is based on five years of market experience.
CBER can provide your company with the following information: